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Bahamas Open and CARIFTA Judo Outlines

Download Pdf for CARIFTA and Bahamas Judo Outlines

Bahamas Judo Outlines

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Enrolling 2015

Now enrolling Judo (Ages 5 - 15) and Jujitsu self defense (Ages 16 +) classes for the fall semester. Here is the flyer for detailed, costs, times and locations or click on the following link to download the information  Now enrolling Judo (Ages 5 - 15) and Jujitsu self defense (Ages 16 +) classes for the fall semester. Click on this link for detailed, costs, times and locations

Friday, August 15, 2014

Summer 2014

High Level Training Summer 2014

Glasgow Caledonia University Scotland

Cerro Pelado, Cuba

Kitsusai Florida

Budokan Florida

Pedros Judo Boston

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Newly Elected Officers

The Bahamas Judo Federation held its AGM April 18 2012 and the following
officers were elected for a four year term 2013 -2017.

President: D'Arcy Rahming
Vice President North: Michelle Williams
Vice President Central: Kevin Knowles
Vice President South: Oral Hudson
General Secretary: Keith Davies
Treasurer: Philip Kemp II
Technical Sport Director: Chrisnell Cooper
Technical Referee Director: David Rahming

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bahamian Referees Attend International Training


Four Bahamian Referees including David Rahming, Reno Culmer, Malcolm Rahming and Melanie Lobosky recently attended Referee training in the United States. The goal is to produce international Bahamian Judo Referees as soon as possible. The Referee commission is grateful to the President of the Bahamas judo Federation for obtaining an invitation to attend the event and to the executive officers of the Federation for approving and making available some funds to assist in attending this event. The event was very well organized and at all material times there was very good communication and coordination of information from the Chairman and officers of the USA Judo Referee Commission.

The Seminar

The seminar was well organized and at all times the various portions were both punctual and informative. The Friday session amounted to an ice breaker but it was important to attend to appreciate the history and goal or objectives of the seminar. The participating referees were very hospitable as were the facilitators. In fact it was a typical judo event in which the spirit of judo was very evident and as a result it was a Judo family event rather than just an American referee event.

Mr. Julio Clemente delivered a very informative workshop on Saturday that started with a brief history of the sport of Judo and its evolution and numerous rule changes. He was assisted by Mr. Russell Sherrer(SIC). This presentation was very helpful in explaining how the sport has evolved and in particular how the rules have changed overtime. It was clear to me that the recent rule changes are a step in the right direction to enhancing the experience of the sport for the spectator. It also clearly demonstrated why competent and knowledgeable officials in general and referees in particular are essential to the sport.

The third and final day of the workshop was a wrap up of certain administrative and ethical issues related to officiating. The USA Judo Referee commission is doing a good job of keeping its referees up to date with the most recent aspects of the sport and its website contains a wealth of useful information for referees. It is recommended that a concerted effort be made to continue and enhance the positive relationship between both the Bahamas Judo Federation and the subordinate Referee Commission with the USA Judo Federation and its subordinate Referee Commission.

Observations and Recommendations

The three Bahamian referees that accompanied me on this seminar each found the seminar useful and informative. The exposure will no doubt contribute to their further growth as referees. It is important to note that I had two occasions to speak with Mr. Clemente directly and both times he reminded me that there were continental evaluations later this year and encouraged me to attend.

The steps taken thus far have been effective in preparing the current pool of Bahamian referees and every effort should be made to continue and improve upon this preparation with a view to having as many of these referees as possible qualify as Pan American Continental Referees as soon as possible.

A final recommendation is that the Referee Commission should work with the President and other executives of the Bahamas Judo Federation to bring into existence a circuit for local athletes so that a competent pool of officials can be developed as the international standard seems to be that when teams travel they should be accompanied by a contingent of trained and certified Referees.

Report Submitted by: David Rahming, Acting Referee Director

Thursday, December 9, 2010

11 Medals for Bahamas at Barbados International

The Bahamas National Judo Team finished out the year with
it's strongest performance ever at an international event. The
Barbados International is the premier tournament in the Caribbean
region, and is a two day event that features individual and
team events.

The Bahamas team won a combined medal count of 11 with seven
athletes. "We have clearly crossed a threshold and have become
a respected program at the Juniors Level. Our success is primarily
based on putting in technical and physical standards for athletes
that travel and sending athletes that are more prepared for this level
of competition." said Judo President D'Arcy Rahming.

Medal winners were Nathan Williams 16 (Bronze medal Individual,
Bronze medal Teams), Ashton Forbes 15 (Silver medal Individual),
Tajah Hudson 15 (Bronze medal Teams), Tajaro Hudson 13 (Silver
medal Individual, Bronze Teams), Elaina Cuffy 11 (Bronze medal individual,
Bronze Teams), Artio Mcphee 11 (Silver medal individual), and Ethan
Cuffy 9 (Gold medal Individual, Bronze medal Teams).

The team was coached by Sensei Mickey Munnings and Sensei Albert Lill.
Also of note was that three Bahamian National Referees participated in
the tournament. The referees are David Rahming, Reno Culmer and
Melanie Lobosky. They received high praise from Refereeing Director
Keith Weithers Barbados Highest Certified International Referee. The
Federation's goal is to qualify these three referees as international
continental referees by the end of 2011.

The year will end with a Winter Training Camp December 20th through
the 23rd that will occur at Bahamas Judo Federation Headquarters on
Joe Farrington Road. Interested persons should call Bahamas Judo at

Entire delegation
Referees Left to right: Melanie Lobosky, Reno Culmer, David Rahming
Bahamas Team at International Training Camp